Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Designer Name Annoyances Part Deux

Hi. I decided to run another one of this entry as we have received several inquiries on how to pronounce some other designers'/brands' names. So here goes:

Tufi Duek - This Brazilian Designer's name is pronounced as Too-fee Do-eck

Vacheron Constantin - va-sha-RON con-ston-TAN

AG Adriano Goldschmied - gold-SHMEED

Giuseppe Zanotti - Gee-zepee Zanottee

Givenchy - Gee-von-shee

Herve Leger - air-vay leh-zheh

Benhaz Sarafpour - ben-oz sah-rafpoor

And thank you to for the following info:

Louis Vuitton Bag Styles:

Damier = Dahm-yay
Epi = Ep-ee
Vernis = Ver-nee
Papillon = Pah-pee-yon
Pochette = Poh-shet
Porte Tresor = Port Tre-zor
Porte Monnaie = Port Mo-nay
Houston = House-tun
Boulogne = Boo-lone (silent e)
Sologne = Sa-lone (silent e)
Trouville = Troo-veel
Deauville = Doe-veal
Noe = No-ay
Reade = Reed
Broome = Brom
Cles = Clay
Soufflot = Sue-flow
Anouchka = Ah-nush-ka
Nice = Neese
L'Aimable = Lay-MOB (hint of an "L" at end)
L'Imprevisible = Lam-pray-vee-zeeb
Le Talentueux = Tah-LEN-tuh
Le Fabuleux = Fab-yoo-luh
L'Extravagant = Lex-trav-uh-gont
L'Ingenieux = Lan-jen-yuh


The French Muse

Friday, June 13, 2008


Bonjour (or Bonsoir whatever time zone you are in) ladies! The French Muse is back (with much coercing from TFD, who I miss hanging out with). And after watching Sex and the City: The Movie 2 weeks ago, I was really in fashion heaven and it got me inspired to write about fashion (or diss about sensitive fashion victims -) once again. Well, enough about me…

Anyway, I've noticed that waist belts over dresses have been an accessory du jour for several seasons now. And after the SATC flick, it will surely become a force to be reckoned with in our closets once more. So after seeing the movie with my dear old sister-in-law, it became my quest to find out more about this Holy Grail --- CARRIE’S STUDDED BELT.

Like a druggie trying to score some style pills, I scoured fashion blogs to find out more about this beautiful piece. And with much dismay, I almost had a heart failure when I read that stylist Patricia Field said that this particular belt was a vintage find. Oh no, does it mean I should drive all the way to Baguio to find someting like it? (I haven’t been to Baguio for ages) And with the stench of Ukay-ukay (Vintage) stores here, will this mean I have to abort MISSION:CARRIE BELT forever? I’ve only been to one Ukay-ukay store here in my entire life and I couldn’t stand it. Why can’t our vintage stores be like the ones in Paris or the ones in the states? Good thing there is EBAY Ph, that’s the only way I will be able score vintage finds here.

So I searched the net for belts with the same “bad ass’ factor. Here are a few ones that I like:

ASOS Multi-Studded Waist Belt £15 at ASOS.COM - Calling all retail gods, please bring in ASOS here...or open an ASOS shopping site here in little 'ol Manille.

Fendi Embellished python belt £860.50 at

Mina Jaguar Chain Belt £40 at ASOS.COM

Miu Miu Double-buckle Patent Belt $560 at

Mogil Hopscotch Wide Button Belt £50 at ASOS.COM

Roberto Cavalli Enamel Buckle Skinny belt £487.79 at

Streets Ahead Roger Belt $250 at

Send us a pic of your favorite belts peeps. We'll do our best to upload them. I will be uploading 2 pics from my personal collection later (have to wait for my dear hubby to upload them from our camera...i'm so ignorant when it comes to these things.) And when i visit the mall this weekend, i will try (if they will allow to me take pics) of alternative Carrie Belts you can find here. Au revoir!


The French Muse (God, I missed this! Thanks TFM for convincing me to do this again)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A reunion with the girls

Great news! Last Friday I finally got to watch Sex and the City, and oh did I miss the girls. I know, it's a little late, and no self-respecting lover of fashion should have waited that long to see it, but work kind of piled up. Anyhow, as could be expected from the fierce foursome, the display of couture was a sight for sore eyes. And the shoes! What can I say about the shoes but..che bella!

Why did the girls ever leave us anyway? It was a bittersweet reunion that lasted a good two hours and 30 minutes if I'm correct. It wasn't just the fashion that was fabulous, can I just add that the real estate wasn't bad either?? The moment Big and Carrie stepped into their potential apartment, I think I said "Hello!" along with Carrie. Now, where would I find my own Big?

Moving along, since I am in the business of footwear myself, let me just pay homage to the fantabulous footwear that really got me CARRIED away.

Tak about fierce!

These booties are too cute! I would wear them with an off shoulder, jersey minidress myself

(photos from

SO, what did you ladies think?


TFD (we all miss TFM right?)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I want, I want

My previous post just got me thinking about the brands that I am loving right now. Sadly, most of these are available only abroad. Actually my problem when I shop is finding clothes that I won't actually feel sorry about buying, just because there aren't any other better options. Seriously, there are only three brands that I faithfully go to when I have to buy clothes --- Mango, Topshop, and FCUK. I would include Zara but I don't get the chance to visit their stores since I live in the south. FCUK and Topshop have that quirky Brit style that I love. I can find tops and dresses that actually feel like me. Mango I can go to for T-shirts and dresses as well. Most of my clubwear I acquired from Mango. They used to have these jersey dresses that cling to all the right places and are just the right length. I wish they would bring those back as they can become a staple collection if you ask me.

So to the gods of retail, this is what I want to say..pretty please bring these brands to Manila soil.

Vena Cava just spells chic!

Jovovich Hawk- Like I said, I'm not the type to go for pretty and frilly. These looks are just the right dose of "girly" for me.

Miss Sixty - I rediscovered this brand two years ago when I was abroad, and they have fabulous denim I must say. The washes and cuts are modern and very flattering.

Report Signature - These will definitely give you a height boost and has just the right attitude I've always looked for in footwear. Better yet, these are available at Rustans.

I haven't really checked out what local designers are churning out, so maybe I can actually find good stuff if I look hard enough.



That's HOT

Obviously for Paris Hilton, traipsing around in garments that barely cover her ass would be the natural definition of what's hot. Personally, I have always been drawn to proportions and sillhouettes. I've never been the type to look so put together that it seemed like I spent three hours on my hair and clothes. That kind of look doesn't appeal to me, nor does it reflect my personality. Somehow, a kind of disheveled and haphazard, yet sophisticated look is more my taste. I'm not talking the MK Olsen bag lady look or anything like that. But since I am petite and slender, I like garments that fall nicely on the body to show some shape. You have to know how to play with proportions to highlight your best features. Sexy is about leaving some to the imagination -- anyone can tell you that.

Anyway, I have just discovered a designer who basically created all the things in my head that I've always wanted to see in reality. His designs are oozing with attitude, and are oh so sexy in an understated way.

Here are my favorites from Alexander Wang's Spring 2008 Collection



Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Invest now

Time certainly flies doesn't it? TFD is not only older, she may actually LOOK older too. Haha. If only we could stop the hands of time. This of course, is the ardent wish of size 0 models everywhere. But take heart, even if time cannot be stopped, we can certainly delay the marks of passing time on our faces and bodies. No, I am not gonna start advertising some overpriced anti-age cream on this space, and who doesn't have her own miracle cream anyway? More important than what goes on externally, is of course, what goes on inside. A balanced and healthy lifestyle is key.

Skin. skin. skin. Dermatologists and spas are raking in big bucks just to fulfill every vain person's wish to have perfect, supple, even toned skin. I am by no means an exception. The way I see it though, investing in yourself is as real as investing in real estate. You can expect an ROI too. Just ask any beauty queen worth her swarovski tiara. The world is simply too forgiving with beautiful people.

Your body is a wonderland, or that's what we'd like to think so. Unfortunately, it takes more work to get in fighting form than just sitting in your cube and churning out reports. We simply have to make that decision to be active. Filipinos (read: men) need to develop this habit. Maybe the time will come when just being funny won't cut it anymore, harsh as it may sound. Filipino food does not help in the quest to be healthy either, it's either oily, fatty, or salty. Discover new dishes that have both nutritional and medicinal value.

I know this is not exactly a fashion related post, but I figure a good painting starts with a clean canvas. So live healthy, be positive, and you will look fabulous! with or without clothes on =)


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yup, we STILL make chic happen

It's been a while but the French Muse and The Florentine Diva are alive and kicking. Watch out for our posts!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

On Filipino Men, part 2

As someone eternally frustrated with the typical Filipino man's sense of style, or lack thereof, it warms my heart when I come across pictures of other men who DO get it. For Filipino men, the consequences of going over that thin, imaginary line between gayhood and acceptable metrosexuality is more than enough reason to dissuade them from even trying. But at the heart of the matter is the simple fact that great style is not about exaggeration. Going overboard is what most men are afraid of (look at me editing like mad. Note to self: say yes to proofreading). The first thing pinoys can do to rehabilitate their wardrobe is to simply have their clothes altered to fit, or better yet, learn to buy the right size. (I've said this a million times). I am appalled at the number of men who live in oversized shirts and lacoste sports shirts which are surely worn for the purpose of hiding a too healthy belly.

Look good, feel good, Do good. So get on that damn treadmill while you're at it!

Take your cue from these stylish gentlemen.

Hot! and that coat!

Perfect play of colors and textures. Love the shoes

Do not be afraid of slim trousers!

(photos courtesy of ----> One of my favorite sites!

This will be a continuing series and a personal crusade I would like to take on until I see hot, stylish men walking the streets of Makati..haha