Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Imeldific Syndrome

I'm sure you guys have noticed this --- when a woman passes a shoe shop store's front, she starts walking like an old woman on invisible crutches, or in most cases, their legs become suddenly paralyzed while they scan the whole window...hypnotized, drugged and delirious. Their husbands or their boyfriends continue walking along, talking to themselves, without knowing that their partners are still there in front of the window, feet stuck like glue...not minding that their causing traffic or they're getting bumped by people left and right. Funny picture don't you think? Not so funny if you know you are guilty of this :)

We Filipino women are sucker for shoes. I've never met any one who isn't. Even my manang gets a heart attack every time she gets her Natasha catalogue. And while she's browising through it, I kinda expect that the iced tea I requested will be given to me in water form (natataranta talaga).

And like my manang, when I read through Harper's Bazaar or Elle, I really drool looking at all these beautiful shoes. Of course, most of these brands are not available here, plus some of their prices can be pretty shocking. Thank God for the proliferation of these small and affordable shoe chains (and clothing stores that carry shoes as well). Bless them for offering us choices and kudos to them for their wallet-friendly price tags! Here is a list of these stores: (feel free to add to them)

1. VNC (unbelievably comfortable for the price)
2. Schu (great styles; very affordable)
3. Tint and Carbon (these stores carry an assortment of footwear too)
4. Tyler (unparalleled shoe collection)
5. T Studio (for the classic in you)
6. Sapato Manila (uses real leather)
7. TrunkShow (nice flats, highly affordable)
8. CMG (carries other Malaysian Brands)
9. Zara (some are not so comfortable but the styles are great)
10. Ninewest (the ever-dependable)
11. Solea (thanks ruby g. I completely forgot about wedding shoes were from Emi...very comfortable indeed!


The French Muse


Anonymous Ruby Gan said...


you may want to include Solea too! :D

12:32 AM  
Blogger riche||e said...

charles & keith :)

3:24 PM  

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