Thursday, June 29, 2006

R.I.P. Brand X

"In lieu of flowers, parties have been organized all over town in Brand X's name..."

many of you know this...everytime you see their shops, you always wonder "are there any people buying from this store?" I think they're like pieces of gum stuck on your just can't get rid of them. These are my current bazooka brands:
(Feel free to add to the list)

Woman - what a waste of retail space.
Doc Martens - please give this doctor 100 doses of morphine
Ducks Limited - who the hell buys from this store?
FUBU - personally, not my thing but I guess there are still lots of Andrew E.s and Salbakutas out there.
Sari-sari - they're surviving coz they have Sharon Cuneta (a famous movie star)as their only customer.
Replay - here's hoping they bring back the 90s
Linea Italia - overpriced fleamarket italian goods. They should call it Linea Divisoria
Meg Paris - seriously, i stayed in Paris and I never saw any Meg there. They should have named it Maria Luisa or Colette least if someone investigates, these stores are real.
Blued - oh yes, it's still alive!
All BOXED UP - please kill this brand, then give it an autopsy to find out how it surivived for so many years
Fugly Neigborhood store #1 - you know who you are...


The French Muse


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The store Meg Paris was named after its owner, Meg Paris who was a former model and is now happily married with a new last name. FYI

6:40 PM  
Blogger stylePOD said...

ok noted

8:09 PM  

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