Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Too casual, but not too late

What happens when you have 1,001 things to do? Well essentially it means that blog time is cut to a minimum, or to nothing at all. The French Muse and I had a rather busy and fun weekend, unfortunately for Ms. TFM, the busy schedule continues. Do you miss her already?

The past weekend was a chance to observe some of the fashion choices of ladies in Manila. For one, I gathered that comfort is really the primary consideration of most women. Tank tops and jeans are at the top of the list. While I am a staunch believer that women should definitely feel comfortable in their garments, I still think it wouldn't hurt to bring the style factor up a notch. If you feel most comfortable in a simple jersey shirt and jeans, then you can take inspiration in how Ashley Olsen spices up her take on the look. I think that the first thing to consider is getting the RIGHT kind of jeans. Of course it has to fit well, and the cut should be flattering too. Also, a tank top that stretches tightly across your chest is just, um, not...modern. It's too porn star barbie if you ask me.

While I also agree that driving shoes are the ultimate in comfort, I do think that flats, in all it's variations make for a chicer alternative. But hey that's just me.

That's all for now!


The Florentine Diva


Blogger stylePOD said...

"But hey that's just me"...and me, and the rest of the true blood fashionistas out there, or even just simple people who get it right. Pity those who IMAGINE they do :)


11:53 PM  
Blogger shopgirlmanila said...

Hahaha I love your wit and humor! Your blog is always an entertaining read!

3:35 PM  

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