Thursday, June 29, 2006

when the customer is not ALWAYS right..

One of the things I hate about shopping is when I come across some shop, with supposedly great merchandise but ill-trained staff. Nothing kills a potentially wonderful shopping experience, than lazy, uncourteous salespeople. Let me run-down my list of pet peeves:

1. as soon as you enter the store, saleslady X glances over with obvious disinterest, either that or:
2. she looks you over from head to toe, and may dismiss or pounce on you depending on her cold assessment of your buying potential.
3. Incessantly asks you if there's anything you need, even if you've already made it clear that you are merely looking around.
4. Looks annoyed when you ask her for a diffferent size of the shoes you picked out.....
5. Acts like you OWE her, for the disturbance you caused when you ask for other styles or sizes, when it is in your hands whether she makes a sale or not. (I absolutely HATE it when they give me attitude. SORRY if I'm interrupting your chismisan session!)
6. Makes you wait too long because she is on the phone for "official" business. (Right, when did your love life become a business concern?)
7. Asks you for smaller change at the cash register! HELLO! it's not my job to make things convenient for you.
8. When the so-called manager acts haughty and offended when you make a valid complaint about the sales staff. Please, it is for your own good that you know the shitty things your staff does.
9. HARD sell. I mean, I appreciate the fact that you make the extra effort to push your product, but don't make me feel bad if I end up not buying it.
10. And my number one pet peeve is...IGNORANCE! as in, walang alam! They don't know when the stocks will be replenished, what stocks the other branches may have, or where the goddamn things are even made. Eh pangalan mo? alam mo?

Manila sales people are notorious for the stuff I mentioned above. I have terminated a lot of transactions because I got pissed off with a saleslady. I hope, REALLY, REALLY hope that retailers realize what a big responsibility people on the sales floor hold. Hmmm..I think I'll make a series on this topic. Next time, I will post the names of shops that have crappy service. This will be fun...payback time!


The Florentine Diva


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi florentine diva... this is matilda (hint hint) ok din yan nilagay mo ha..that can't be a recurring topic for your blog like your fugly neighbor hood store. good job guys :) naks :)

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