Monday, July 24, 2006

Trend talk..

I was on MSN messenger with my Spanish classmate from Polimoda and we got to talking about the trends in Europe now. It's the middle of summer in Europe and they're actually experiencing a heatwave. She told me that stripes, polka dots, and layered t-shirts were all the rage, denim mini skirts over tights are still big as well. I asked her if there's a change in the shapes of jeans, and she said skinny, and straight leg types are still popular. What intrigued me was when she talked about backless t-shirts/tops. I searched a little online, and here are some great backless shirts that I discovered.

As we can see..the back is the new cleavage

Other cool stuff I saw are:

this jumper...this type is sooo made for clubbing. I love it.

This trench hoodie is perfect for the rainy season

Fitted capri trousers! so sexy with that slit at the bottom..


The Florentine Diva


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