Saturday, July 15, 2006

Keep it real

Fashion today is influenced so much by celebrities. Of course it is because these are the people who can get their hands on the latest gucci, YSL, Balenciaga, or Zac Posen frock before the rest of the world can....or atleast their stylists. But the trouble with looking at celebs for fashion inspiration is that we become like sheep, the next thing you know everyone has the spy bag or the paddington, and the same Louboutin pumps. Personally, I like looking at how regular people put together their outfits. Style then becomes more distinct and individual. Here are some of my favorite looks from fashion sites that showcase street fashion or just women who simply love to dress up.

I love the shape of the dress and the vivid color. She plays it up with great accessories too.

A very Stella McCartney look, which I LOVE. You can't see it but the straps of the shoes are tied on top of the jeans...another look I have also tried in the past.

First, I love how she got the proportions right. Second, I love how she combined elements that are dressy and casual.

I have a skirt quite similar to this. The look is simple but so classy. Nice!

It's all in the details!

I love the shoes, wash and wear hair, and the casual chic vibe of her look

Fabulous dress and shoes!

Interesting combination. I love the juxtaposition of fabrics

I simply love her look. Period.

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La Diva Fiorentina


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