Saturday, July 01, 2006

Street fashion in Florence

Since I am still hot on the subject of Italian style and fashion, I will post some street pics of women in Florence the past summer. The fashion in Florence is influenced a lot by the gazillion tourists who go there every freakin' day. I swear, every turn you make, you will see a random American/Japanese/Chinese tourist taking pictures of every nook and cranny of a. the duomo b. piazza della signoria c. everything else.

Ok, so here goes, I took a lot of pictures for my school projects. My men pics are, unfortunately, saved in my classmate's laptop so I can't post any...Drat. Italian men have great fashion sense. Sometimes I hate it, but most of the time I enjoy it! I wish I took pics of F/W fashion too because that's when the big guns come out. You see fur, scarves, all boots you can think of, leather jackets, pullovers, gloves...I can go on and on. I didn't expect myself to like fall, but I enjoyed dressing for it more than summer. And to think I come from a tropical country!

This lady caught my eye immediately. Her look is fun and quirky, but still somehow age appropriate for her. I don't know how they pull it off.

Even old ladies know how to keep cool in a dress

This woman is gorgeous in person but had a more haphazard kind of look

Lovin' her look and attitude

And some men who made the cut

Cute! I like the jeans and shoes.

The colors! I can't imagine Filipino guys being so adventurous and not feeling gay..haha


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