Monday, October 30, 2006

WHo gets it?

As I was walking in the mall today, I was both surprised by the sheer number of people gallivanting out on a monday, and the window displays of the shops. Seriously, who gets it right? I mean, who picks the right image model, for the right market, for the right demographic..blah, blah. Sometimes I think picking an image model is like a game of lottery, like, yipee, it's Kate Hudon this year! or something like that. I think that most times, we're just confused with the choices. But being so used to how disassociated brands are with their market, it's become the norm. In terms of consistency, you have to give Bench some credit. They started the whole trend of IMAGE MODEL, billboards, gigantic pictures plastered on their window, and they are still at it. Hurrah for the young, hopeful artistas right? There's enough billboard space to go around.

I would LOVE to tick off the image models that I think are just wrong, wrong, wrong, but I'm just not in the mood to initiate another round of trash talking here.

So dear readers, tell me, who gets it right? or more appropriately, who doesn't??




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