Friday, November 03, 2006

And then there were men

Past a certain age, a lot of Filipino men noticeably start letting their, um, weight go, and along with it, whatever sense of fashion they may have possessed. Don't we all get so shocked when we see the school hearthrob in high school sporting not the latest brand of jeans, but a very obvious pouch? Get it? Compared to South Korean or Japanese men who try to keep up with the trends and make an effort to look good physically, FIlipino men in general really lack the motivation. Perhaps it's perceived to be gay in our oh-so macho culture for a man to take too much time to groom himself. I kind of agree a little. I think that for a guy to spend an hour picking out his clothes and doing his guy "beauty ritual" is a little suspect. But then I also believe that men should be more conscious of taking care of their health and their bodies. If women are expected to stay slim and youthful looking, then men should do the same. If I had a boyfriend, I would want him to have some kind of fitness regimen, and atleast make a small effort to look stylish. Hey, looking good for each other helps any relationship, no?

I was looking at and saw these T-shirts for men that are cool and yet don't try too hard. Wouldn't it be great to see your man in these? (well, maybe assuming they have the pecs and the forearms to go with these =)


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