Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bag Lady

I don't really consider myself a bag freak. Sure, I appreciate a great looking bag when I see one, but I haven't really bought into the whole "It" bag obsession that celebrities especially, love to peddle. I would rather own a few bags that are distinct in style sensibility, functional, and will last a while. I remember I went to a trade show in Florence, I think it was Pitti Uomo, yeah that was it, and my friends and I saw this booth by Japanese designers and they had the most amazing, vintage-y leather bags on display. The leather was made to look old by a technology that Japs are really good at, and it was so soft to the touch. We couldn't buy the stuff of course because they were there for display purposes only, for the buyers and merchandisers. We wheedled and begged to get even one of the bags but they were stubborn. So we grabbed one of the catalogues and just hoped we could somehow get away with making individual orders. Yeah right, who were we kidding. We never got to purchase any of the bags, even with all the emails we sent them. I absolutely undertsand that they were more interested in getting wholesale orders from buyers instead of some pesky fashion students. I still dream about those bags, but, oh well.

Amazingly, I have seen some brands that have almost the same design aesthetic as those Japanese bags. Maybe in the future, I can carry one of these lovelies around.

Anna Corinna Mini City tote in Butterscotch

Anna Corinna Lady Duffel Bag in Tobacco

Anna Corinna Beckett Chain Bag in Cognac

Bulga New Hobo Bag Love2 in Navy




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