Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Drop a line peeps!

Call it research, or just pure curiousity, but we'd really like to know what you guys are lusting for this season. It's so great that we get such a diverse "readership," so I guess we're just interested to know what you've shopped for recently, from whatever part of the globe you are from. This way we get to share information with each other so the next time any of us travel, we'll know what to look for. Ok, so email us pictures, links, whatever you got! We'll post whatever pictures you sent us in our succeeding entries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. French Muse,

Great website. All your entries are so dead on right and humorous! I love the fact that your blog entries are very varied, up to date on trends and very well researched. Let's see if those who claim they are "fashionistas" back in PI know or understand the designers you mentioned here. As you know, you are only as good as the brand name you wear or drop or worse the bag you carry! Ha, it just shows how annoyed I am about the social scene back home!
Till next time.. You know who I am.

PS> What's your take on the trend on wearing leggings? I think there are those who can pull off the look and those who can't (like me!).

3:55 PM  
Blogger stylePOD said...

hi Singapore Sling! Say hi to the Hong Kong Concubine for me when you see her. I miss you both, dearly.

And for the leggings look, this is what I have to say: If you have slender, slim legs and minuscule hips, go right ahead. But if you have thunder thighs and a child-bearing "balakang" (as we Filipinos would call hips), do not even attempt slipping on a pair. Also, not all trends are for everyone. If you're uncomfortable about a specific trend (even if you have the body to pull it off, even with your slim legs S.Sling), avoid the pressure of wearing one. Believe me, you won't be missing out on anything! (Just slap those "wannabes" with your fabulous teal and REAL Balenciaga bag!)

The French Muse

4:14 PM  

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