Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fashion for the (very) young

I just read an interesting article from the NY times website, dated, Aug. 24, 2006. The article is about the potential in the "tween" market in terms of fashion and cosmetics. Even third graders know their seven jeans these days. This presents an opportunity for many entrepreneurs, in Manila, the childrenswear market is almost nonexistent. You can actually count with one hand the number of "good enough" childrenswear brands we have here, it's a pity really. But I this article talks about the more extreme situation in America, where kids, or atleast their parents, spend so much on cult brands and trends that the adults covet as well.

Fashion Aims Young
By Ruth La Ferla

POOR Barbie! Her pneumatic contours and sparkly wardrobe have lost their charm for the average 8-year-old, the attractions of her doll-size jeans and shrunken tanks paling alongside the real thing.

Premium jeans, for instance, an item coveted by Maisy Gellert, a third grader living in Westchester County, N.Y. “I’m very particular,” Maisy said. “Sevens are the only jeans I actually wear.”

Like many girls her age, her fashion antennae are finely tuned, her standards exacting, her desires well defined. “I like the stuff that’s in style, like leggings and shorts, tank tops and flip-flops,” she said, promptly adding to that list: “Gap camisoles that are white, because I can wear them with just anything. Puma sneakers, pink and gray — I’m on my third pair — and ballet slippers, but those are hard to find for my size foot.”

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The Florentine Diva

The French Muse: Oh no, I have a feeling my baby is going to be like that...with a mom, grandmother and kikay ninangs like you? And not only that, her cousin (my neice who is 8 years old) is a perfect case example for that article. Goodluck to me :)


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