Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The (faux) fashionista files

Case 1: Copycat in denial
Suspect: Single, white, female

The suspect is a self-proclaimed fashionista. She rarely comes home without lugging plastic bags from her countless shopping sprees. She thinks she's the original purveyor of the "shoe-straps-over-skinny-jeans" trend (Sienna Miller, hello?). But as fabulous as she thinks she is, what is obvious to the naked eye is not always what it seems. The suspect, randomly opens her roommates cabinets, under the guise of giving her opinion (unsolicited) on newly purchased items. Well, what's wrong with that right? About three days after, the suspect can be seen wearing the exact same vest that the clueless roommate #1 had hanging in her cabinet. On another incident, roommate #2 was forced to show the suspect a bubble skirt she had purchased at H & M, and then lo and behold, on a scheduled school trip out of town a week later, the suspect prances in the bubble skirt to show her roommates. What's worse is, she flat out denies wanting the same item. Oh no, her mom just randomly purchased it from H & M (fantastic taste mum) and then sent it by mail to her lovely daughter. Suspicious? I don't blame you. Geez, if you want the same freakin’ vest and skirt, just say it! Honesty is always the best policy, specially if you want to avoid situations where both of you end up wearing the same thing. Ugh.

Verdict: GUILTY


The Florentine Diva


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