Thursday, September 21, 2006

He's Back!

With all the eye-strain from looking at all the NY Fashion Week Spring '07 pics, one collection that deserves a round applause is the Michael Kors fashion show. Don't know with you guys, but his past shows have been really boring for me. But I'm glad to see that he's back in fighting form. He really has too especially with all the uber cool designers that are showing at Bryant Park(Proenza Schouler, Temperely, MARC JACOBS etc.) Here are some pics from his Spring '07 collection (check out the color palette):

pics from

I can't wait to see the mother of all fashion weeks, my favorite, PARIS SPRING '07. Uncle Alber, my good friend Nicholas, Grandpa Karl (hahaha, feeling close?) and the rest of the GRAND MASTERS (lacroix, galliano etc.), looking forward to seeing your shows!


The French Muse


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