Saturday, September 23, 2006

'Masstige' is upon us

H & M is a genius! This whole concept of having guest designers create a line for H & M has spread like wildfire. There's Luella Bartley for Target, and more recently, fresh out of the oven is Kate Moss for Topshop. Well, it doesn't stop there. The newest designer to come up with a line for a mass chain is Roland Mouret for Gap.

Here's the short article..

Roland Mouret designs for Gap
Amanda Gore

Yesterday Gap announced that as his first project for 19 RM Roland Mouret has produced ten dresses for their autumn winter collection, arriving into the UK shops on 7th November. Three of these designs will be sold as part of Gap's Red range, with 50 per cent of the profits going to the Global Fund to fight Aids. So that's one more designer going to work on the high street- no need to spend huge amounts on outfits any more- just sharpen your elbows for a fight to the door and you could be wearing clothes by many of the top names this season, and still have money for a taxi to the hospital!

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Roland Mouret established and co-founded 19RM with Simon Fuller, the entertainment mogul and founder of the Spice Girls. This came to be after a falling out with his original backers, Sharai and Andre Meyers.

Mouret created what is called "the galaxy dress," which takes an hourglass shape. It has been worn by Hollywood stars like Keira Knightley, Rachel Weisz, and Scarlet Johansson.

More pictures from His Autumn/Winter 2006 collection

I wonder why this concept hasn't caught on with our local retailers, or myabe I just haven't heard. Perhaps Joey Samson can design a few tailored tops and pants for, say, Bench? Just a thought.


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