Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Short but not sweet

The official start of the party season is crawling uncomfortably near, do you have anything to wear? I have spotted some really cute frocks at ZARA and Tyler in Glorietta, and I was particularly drawn to the short dresses or "sack dresses," if you can call it that. There was a black tube mini-dress in Tyler that would have been perfect except for a minor problem with the skirt which showed, um, too much. Anyway, if you have time, run to the gym, use the escalator instead of the lifts, or walk that few metres to the office instead of taking the cab because your gams are gonna need the work for the teeny tiny dresses of the season.

I picked out a few of my favorite looks, and you can go from vamp, to diva, to glam girl with these. What's your poison?

Pics from shopbop.com and netaporter.com




Anonymous Ruby Gan said...

Indeed! Short dresses are in vogue right now! I bought several from the Designer's Soiree at the recent Limelight Bazaar!

3:09 PM  
Anonymous marina said...

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8:10 PM  

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