Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I want, I want

My previous post just got me thinking about the brands that I am loving right now. Sadly, most of these are available only abroad. Actually my problem when I shop is finding clothes that I won't actually feel sorry about buying, just because there aren't any other better options. Seriously, there are only three brands that I faithfully go to when I have to buy clothes --- Mango, Topshop, and FCUK. I would include Zara but I don't get the chance to visit their stores since I live in the south. FCUK and Topshop have that quirky Brit style that I love. I can find tops and dresses that actually feel like me. Mango I can go to for T-shirts and dresses as well. Most of my clubwear I acquired from Mango. They used to have these jersey dresses that cling to all the right places and are just the right length. I wish they would bring those back as they can become a staple collection if you ask me.

So to the gods of retail, this is what I want to say..pretty please bring these brands to Manila soil.

Vena Cava just spells chic!

Jovovich Hawk- Like I said, I'm not the type to go for pretty and frilly. These looks are just the right dose of "girly" for me.

Miss Sixty - I rediscovered this brand two years ago when I was abroad, and they have fabulous denim I must say. The washes and cuts are modern and very flattering.

Report Signature - These will definitely give you a height boost and has just the right attitude I've always looked for in footwear. Better yet, these are available at Rustans.

I haven't really checked out what local designers are churning out, so maybe I can actually find good stuff if I look hard enough.




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