Friday, June 13, 2008


Bonjour (or Bonsoir whatever time zone you are in) ladies! The French Muse is back (with much coercing from TFD, who I miss hanging out with). And after watching Sex and the City: The Movie 2 weeks ago, I was really in fashion heaven and it got me inspired to write about fashion (or diss about sensitive fashion victims -) once again. Well, enough about me…

Anyway, I've noticed that waist belts over dresses have been an accessory du jour for several seasons now. And after the SATC flick, it will surely become a force to be reckoned with in our closets once more. So after seeing the movie with my dear old sister-in-law, it became my quest to find out more about this Holy Grail --- CARRIE’S STUDDED BELT.

Like a druggie trying to score some style pills, I scoured fashion blogs to find out more about this beautiful piece. And with much dismay, I almost had a heart failure when I read that stylist Patricia Field said that this particular belt was a vintage find. Oh no, does it mean I should drive all the way to Baguio to find someting like it? (I haven’t been to Baguio for ages) And with the stench of Ukay-ukay (Vintage) stores here, will this mean I have to abort MISSION:CARRIE BELT forever? I’ve only been to one Ukay-ukay store here in my entire life and I couldn’t stand it. Why can’t our vintage stores be like the ones in Paris or the ones in the states? Good thing there is EBAY Ph, that’s the only way I will be able score vintage finds here.

So I searched the net for belts with the same “bad ass’ factor. Here are a few ones that I like:

ASOS Multi-Studded Waist Belt £15 at ASOS.COM - Calling all retail gods, please bring in ASOS here...or open an ASOS shopping site here in little 'ol Manille.

Fendi Embellished python belt £860.50 at

Mina Jaguar Chain Belt £40 at ASOS.COM

Miu Miu Double-buckle Patent Belt $560 at

Mogil Hopscotch Wide Button Belt £50 at ASOS.COM

Roberto Cavalli Enamel Buckle Skinny belt £487.79 at

Streets Ahead Roger Belt $250 at

Send us a pic of your favorite belts peeps. We'll do our best to upload them. I will be uploading 2 pics from my personal collection later (have to wait for my dear hubby to upload them from our camera...i'm so ignorant when it comes to these things.) And when i visit the mall this weekend, i will try (if they will allow to me take pics) of alternative Carrie Belts you can find here. Au revoir!


The French Muse (God, I missed this! Thanks TFM for convincing me to do this again)


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