Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Designer Name Annoyances Part Deux

Hi. I decided to run another one of this entry as we have received several inquiries on how to pronounce some other designers'/brands' names. So here goes:

Tufi Duek - This Brazilian Designer's name is pronounced as Too-fee Do-eck

Vacheron Constantin - va-sha-RON con-ston-TAN

AG Adriano Goldschmied - gold-SHMEED

Giuseppe Zanotti - Gee-zepee Zanottee

Givenchy - Gee-von-shee

Herve Leger - air-vay leh-zheh

Benhaz Sarafpour - ben-oz sah-rafpoor

And thank you to for the following info:

Louis Vuitton Bag Styles:

Damier = Dahm-yay
Epi = Ep-ee
Vernis = Ver-nee
Papillon = Pah-pee-yon
Pochette = Poh-shet
Porte Tresor = Port Tre-zor
Porte Monnaie = Port Mo-nay
Houston = House-tun
Boulogne = Boo-lone (silent e)
Sologne = Sa-lone (silent e)
Trouville = Troo-veel
Deauville = Doe-veal
Noe = No-ay
Reade = Reed
Broome = Brom
Cles = Clay
Soufflot = Sue-flow
Anouchka = Ah-nush-ka
Nice = Neese
L'Aimable = Lay-MOB (hint of an "L" at end)
L'Imprevisible = Lam-pray-vee-zeeb
Le Talentueux = Tah-LEN-tuh
Le Fabuleux = Fab-yoo-luh
L'Extravagant = Lex-trav-uh-gont
L'Ingenieux = Lan-jen-yuh


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