Thursday, February 08, 2007

On Filipino Men, part 2

As someone eternally frustrated with the typical Filipino man's sense of style, or lack thereof, it warms my heart when I come across pictures of other men who DO get it. For Filipino men, the consequences of going over that thin, imaginary line between gayhood and acceptable metrosexuality is more than enough reason to dissuade them from even trying. But at the heart of the matter is the simple fact that great style is not about exaggeration. Going overboard is what most men are afraid of (look at me editing like mad. Note to self: say yes to proofreading). The first thing pinoys can do to rehabilitate their wardrobe is to simply have their clothes altered to fit, or better yet, learn to buy the right size. (I've said this a million times). I am appalled at the number of men who live in oversized shirts and lacoste sports shirts which are surely worn for the purpose of hiding a too healthy belly.

Look good, feel good, Do good. So get on that damn treadmill while you're at it!

Take your cue from these stylish gentlemen.

Hot! and that coat!

Perfect play of colors and textures. Love the shoes

Do not be afraid of slim trousers!

(photos courtesy of ----> One of my favorite sites!

This will be a continuing series and a personal crusade I would like to take on until I see hot, stylish men walking the streets of Makati..haha



Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Send it up

I apologize to our readers (all five of them..hehe) for the lengthy absence of both myself and the French Muse. In a nutshell, the past few months have been about changes ---- in mind, body, and most importantly, in spirit. I feel happier with my life and more comfortable in my own skin and these have been the biggest blessings for me as the year 2007 starts to unfold. Something tells me this will be a fabulous year! I am ready for anything.

Ok, now that I have indulged myself with a little introspection, let's get on with business..

I'd love to say that I can feel the coming of summer but I think we've all been subjected recently to chilly nights (mornings, afternoons), and windy weather. What gives? Aren't we in the tropics? A lot of people say that this is because winter came late in siberia so we are experiencing some winter lovin' ourselves. Nevertheless, it is time to break out the shorts, skimpy tops, and teeny tiny skirts. Lucky, lucky Filipino men! =) I am still in love with shifts, shirt dresses and mini dresses. I am partial to these styles because they can be both cute and sexy. I also love showcasing legs because you can only really enjoy them up to a certain age. Display those gams now!

Here some great dresses for your viewing pleasure!

See by Chloe print dress

Vanessa Bruno jersey dress

Celine Stretch shirt dress

Milly embroidered mini dress

3.1 Phillip Lim trapeze tank dress