Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I want, I want

My previous post just got me thinking about the brands that I am loving right now. Sadly, most of these are available only abroad. Actually my problem when I shop is finding clothes that I won't actually feel sorry about buying, just because there aren't any other better options. Seriously, there are only three brands that I faithfully go to when I have to buy clothes --- Mango, Topshop, and FCUK. I would include Zara but I don't get the chance to visit their stores since I live in the south. FCUK and Topshop have that quirky Brit style that I love. I can find tops and dresses that actually feel like me. Mango I can go to for T-shirts and dresses as well. Most of my clubwear I acquired from Mango. They used to have these jersey dresses that cling to all the right places and are just the right length. I wish they would bring those back as they can become a staple collection if you ask me.

So to the gods of retail, this is what I want to say..pretty please bring these brands to Manila soil.

Vena Cava just spells chic!

Jovovich Hawk- Like I said, I'm not the type to go for pretty and frilly. These looks are just the right dose of "girly" for me.

Miss Sixty - I rediscovered this brand two years ago when I was abroad, and they have fabulous denim I must say. The washes and cuts are modern and very flattering.

Report Signature - These will definitely give you a height boost and has just the right attitude I've always looked for in footwear. Better yet, these are available at Rustans.

I haven't really checked out what local designers are churning out, so maybe I can actually find good stuff if I look hard enough.



That's HOT

Obviously for Paris Hilton, traipsing around in garments that barely cover her ass would be the natural definition of what's hot. Personally, I have always been drawn to proportions and sillhouettes. I've never been the type to look so put together that it seemed like I spent three hours on my hair and clothes. That kind of look doesn't appeal to me, nor does it reflect my personality. Somehow, a kind of disheveled and haphazard, yet sophisticated look is more my taste. I'm not talking the MK Olsen bag lady look or anything like that. But since I am petite and slender, I like garments that fall nicely on the body to show some shape. You have to know how to play with proportions to highlight your best features. Sexy is about leaving some to the imagination -- anyone can tell you that.

Anyway, I have just discovered a designer who basically created all the things in my head that I've always wanted to see in reality. His designs are oozing with attitude, and are oh so sexy in an understated way.

Here are my favorites from Alexander Wang's Spring 2008 Collection