Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Invest now

Time certainly flies doesn't it? TFD is not only older, she may actually LOOK older too. Haha. If only we could stop the hands of time. This of course, is the ardent wish of size 0 models everywhere. But take heart, even if time cannot be stopped, we can certainly delay the marks of passing time on our faces and bodies. No, I am not gonna start advertising some overpriced anti-age cream on this space, and who doesn't have her own miracle cream anyway? More important than what goes on externally, is of course, what goes on inside. A balanced and healthy lifestyle is key.

Skin. skin. skin. Dermatologists and spas are raking in big bucks just to fulfill every vain person's wish to have perfect, supple, even toned skin. I am by no means an exception. The way I see it though, investing in yourself is as real as investing in real estate. You can expect an ROI too. Just ask any beauty queen worth her swarovski tiara. The world is simply too forgiving with beautiful people.

Your body is a wonderland, or that's what we'd like to think so. Unfortunately, it takes more work to get in fighting form than just sitting in your cube and churning out reports. We simply have to make that decision to be active. Filipinos (read: men) need to develop this habit. Maybe the time will come when just being funny won't cut it anymore, harsh as it may sound. Filipino food does not help in the quest to be healthy either, it's either oily, fatty, or salty. Discover new dishes that have both nutritional and medicinal value.

I know this is not exactly a fashion related post, but I figure a good painting starts with a clean canvas. So live healthy, be positive, and you will look fabulous! with or without clothes on =)


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yup, we STILL make chic happen

It's been a while but the French Muse and The Florentine Diva are alive and kicking. Watch out for our posts!